Why are my paintings look sad?

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Why are my paintings look sad?

I have heard many times that my paintings are sad and gloomy. I don’t think I’m sadder and unhappier than other artists or people in general. And I don’t intend to upset others. I’ve always preferred cool colors to warm colors. Therefore, it was difficult to paint according to the orders, because all the customers, as they had agreed, wanted a painting in warm, earthy tones that would match the sofa and carpet that the interior designer had chosen.

I have always been a very sensitive person, my mood changes several times a day, from very high to tears over some insignificant detail. While I paint an artwork, my mood and thoughts change thousands of times, so you get the whole package of my feelings… happy and sad emotions. But it is up to you which of them you will see. I strongly believe that what we see in paintings reveals us for who we are. If you see sadness, maybe today was not the best day for you, or maybe you are running away from your emotions and afraid of that sadness. There are no wrong emotions, only personal attitudes and how we deal with those emotions.

Maybe my work would be more fun if more people bought my paintings. Maybe then there would be a stronger motivation to create not only for yourself but also for the collectors who will buy them…? But isn’t one of the purposes of art to evoke emotion, to be like therapy? So that we feel better not only when looking at a work of art, but also when creating it, to calm down and release our accumulated emotions.

Often in life, we focus on gloomy things, failures, and problems, art seems to help us get away from them. However, creativity can help not only to experience positive emotions but also to survive bad ones. He reminds us that pain is also a part of life. After all, happiness is only a short momentary state. In the end, we still find ourselves in a situation where we are missing something, something didn’t work out, or something didn’t happen as we planned. Again, we turned out to be not as smart and beautiful as we imagined. In works of art, we often look for what we lack because we want to regain our inner balance.

Why are some people attracted to minimalist architecture and others to baroque? Why do some people like blank concrete walls, while others like colors and colorful patterns? Our tastes may depend on what emotions are hidden from us and require a closer look. Each work of art is saturated with a certain psychological energy, the picture can be calm, annoying, noisy, modest, brave…

We often look for creations that compensate for our inner disturbances and help us regain peace and harmony with ourselves. We call a work of art beautiful when it shows us what we cannot, and what we do not have, and we call another terrible because it makes us feel what we fear. Relax and dare to look fear in the eyes, and analyze your emotions while looking at the artwork, maybe you will discover something new and get to know yourself better.

Does a piece of art ever make you sad? Do you associate these emotions with your or the artist’s personal experience?